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The Watcher Nuzzles (FRAO)

The Watcher Nuzzles

Summary: The Sisters’ thrall doesn’t wear off after Giles leaves the castle…at least not until it causes some changes in relationships.

Rating: Oi, I’m trying to write a smut scene, so it will be FRM/FRAO. Sorry if it sounds lame.

Timeline: season 5, post-‘Buffy vs. Dracula’.

Challenge: for the livejournal Drunken Giles Ficathon 2010.
14. This one takes a little off-roading, but the thought of it keeps making me giggle - what if the affect of the Three Sisters in Buffy v. Dracula didn't wear off immediately, and nuzzly, less-inhibited Giles continued for a day or two - extra love if Xander is the recipient of the nuzzling, love. {Sorry, couldn’t handle G/X, so I changed it to B/G.}
26. Giles/Buffy, any rating, a drunken Giles leads to some erotic displays of magic.

A/N: At first it was just gonna be #14, but then I got to the sex scene and decided to add #26.

Thanks to my betas: zigpal and AerynSpeedleCaine.

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Dracula’s Castle

Riley raced to Buffy, hoping she could pull her Watcher away from the Three Sisters, seeing as how his own attempts failed miserably. You’d think the guy liked to be macked on by the undead or something. Hmm, Riley considered that for a second before shaking his head. Buffy would kill him – even if she had a thing for vampires, which between her ex, Angel, and Dracula, it seemed like she did.

He found her just as she staked Dracula. “Buff? You may need to come rescue Giles from the brides of Dracula. I don’t think he’s trying very hard to get away.”

“Okay, you go on ahead and make sure they don’t turn him into a snack. I’ll be right behind you,” she promised. A couple more stakes to the heart, and Buffy was certain that ol’ Drac wouldn’t come back in her town.


The Sisters’ pit
A bit later…

When Buffy got to the room where the Sisters had Giles ‘hostage’, the strangest feeling overwhelmed her. If it was anyone else, she’d almost think she was jealous of those skanky vampire hos. But this was her Watcher, and he was old and gross, and didn’t have a shirt anymore…and-and what was her point again? Oh right, she couldn’t be jealous of him with other females!

She jumped into the pit, staking all three Sisters before they could get off her Watcher. Okay, maybe that was the wrong way of putting it, but they were dead and Giles’ life and virtue were saved.

The problem came when she tried to help him get out of the sunken room. He was acting like she did when she went all Cave!Slayer the previous year. Only, he was more cuddly than violent. He was like one of those amorous drunk people! ‘Just what my confused emotions needed right now,’ she thought to herself.


Giles’ apartment

By the time they reach Giles’ place, Buffy wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with the nuzzly Watcher. Xander felt awkward, mostly because of the triangle issue, and Riley was irritated, mostly at his girlfriend, who didn’t seem to be fighting the old man off. What was it with those two? Did they have some kind of vampire fetish?

A shocked gasp from Buffy and a groan from Xander told the former Initiative member that those last thoughts were accidentally said out loud.

Fighting the urge to hurt him as bad as his comment hurt her, Buffy ground out, “If that’s what you really think, Riley, then you’d better leave before I say or do something that I might not regret.”

Apparently, the part of his brain responsible for keeping him alive and unmaimed went on vacation in the last hour or so, ‘cause Riley just snapped at her, “You’d like for me to leave, wouldn’t you? That way you can have sex with your Watcher. You never do normal relationships very well, so that should work out perfectly for you,” he spit out with disgust in her voice.

Oh, that did it! Buffy wasn’t worried about hurting his feelings anymore now. “At least I know from my mom’s memories of her night with him that he wouldn’t leave a woman hanging…unlike some guys I know,” she threw back in his face, pointedly glancing downward on his body.

Riley either didn’t hear the slight on his manhood, or more likely, chose to ignore it so he could focus on the bigger issue – at least in his mind, “Your mother slept with him? You are such a classic example of the Electra Complex!”

Xander guessed that Riley wasn’t referring to the Marvel character, so he hauled off and punched Riley in the jaw. He figured he’d better do it before Riley said something even worse that made Buffy hit him; her angry punches could kill a normal human being.

“You know, I thought you were good for Buffy; a nice change of pace from Deadboy. You’re just like him, though,” Buffy’s defender sneered at the fallen man, before tacking on a correction, “Except for the vampire part. You want her to be your ideal woman. Giles is the opposite of both of you. He sees her flaws and cares about her anyway. You know what? If they got together as a couple, they’d be great for each other! Much better than a self-absorbed jerk like you!”

“You really mean that?” Buffy asked her best friend/brother-figure, forgetting all about her ex-boyfriend.

Thinking it over for a second, Xander nodded slowly, “Wow, I actually do. Weird, huh. Seriously though, Buff. Besides the Watcher/Slayer deal, you’ve got the brain/muscle, the quiet/outgoing…and probably a bunch more if I really thought about it,” he said with a smile.

“The nancy Soldier-boy is gone,” Giles announced before sticking his head back in Buffy’s neck.

Looking where the asshole used to be, Buffy quipped bitterly, “So he is. Guess that’s one more failed relationship for me.”

“Whatcha gonna do about him?” Xander inquired, gesturing at Buffy’s newest attachment.

Buffy sighed. The responsible thing or the fun thing? She sighed again and answered, “Nothing…until he’s sobered up – or whatever it is he needs to do to get back to Giles again. Then I can think about it with a clearer head.”

“Well, no offense, but just because I think you two would be great together, doesn’t mean I want any previews. I’m gonna take off.” Xander stopped at the door and yelled over his shoulder, “Call if you need anything, ‘k?”

Next day…

After 24 hours of almost constant cuddling with her Watcher, Buffy was about to snap. She was torn between screaming in frustration or throwing him on the bed and having her way with him. Then that shrinking part of her conscience would speak up, reminding her that it would be wrong of her to take advantage of him while he was like this.

According to Wes – who they called for help when it was obvious that Giles wasn’t going to be of any use – and Willow’s research the night before, the Sisters’ affect would wear off in a day or two…based on past reports where their victim was left alive. That meant Buffy just had to be strong for another day. She just wasn’t sure she’d last that long.

“I’m telling you, Willow,” Buffy whimpered over the phone while Giles was going to the bathroom. “Anymore of this and I can’t be held responsible.”

Willow murmured sympathetically, “Would it help if I came over to watch him for a while?”

“Remember what it was like yesterday when I tried to leave while he was taking a shower?” Buffy replied, referring to her only attempt to get some time away from Giles.

“Oh…right.” Willow’s wince could almost be heard over the phone. Then she checked, “How are the bruises on your arms where he grabbed you?”

“They’re fine,” Buffy said, not worried about the physical pain. It was the emotional that was hurting more at the moment.

“Maybe that should be telling you that Giles really wants you – like deep down wants you, and not just the thrall,” Willow offered as a hypothesis. She also remembered how down Giles was before Dracula showed up, and that he was planning to leave Sunnydale because he didn’t feel needed by Buffy anymore, but didn’t want to betray his trust by mentioning it now.

Sighing, Buffy leaned back against the door jam, looking at the living room. “Still, it should be when he’s rational enough to make the choice on his own. Otherwise it feels like I’d be coercing him,” she admitted.

“Rational? Coercing? Gee, Buffy, you’re already sounding more like Giles,” the redheaded Wicca teased, hoping to get a smile out of her best friend.

And it worked…briefly. Buffy rolled her eyes, then pleaded, “Haha, very funny, Willow. Just do me a favor and see if there’s a way to speed up the wearing off thing?”

“Okay,” Willow promised. Before she hung up, she called out, “Hey, Buffy?”

“Yeah, Will?”

“Just wanted to tell you that I’m happy for you guys. I hope it all works out.”

Hanging up the phone, Buffy muttered, “Me, too.”

Giles popped up behind her and resumed his nuzzling, “There’s my lovely Slayer. I missed you while I was freshening up.”

Buffy bit her lip in frustration and blinked away the tears that welled up. Suddenly it was too much for her and she pulled away from him. “I’m sorry, Giles…I need to use the bathroom,” she told him with a hint of wavering in her voice that she couldn’t hide.

Before he could stop her, she raced into the room and locked the door, praying that he didn’t decide to pick the lock like he did the day before when she took a shower. When it didn’t sound like he was coming in, she started the shower and let herself break down in tears.


Outside the bathroom…

Giles stood at the door, listening to his Slayer cry over the sound of the water. ‘You prat,’ he berated himself. ‘You just had to push her one last time, didn’t you?’

While he was in the shower, he had felt the last of the Sisters’ thrall leave him. Giles stood there as the memories of the previous day swept over him. The way he had thrown himself at his Slayer, and her tender care of him, in spite of how uncomfortable he’d made her.

Even the simple act of releasing him from his restraints when he seemed determined to hurt himself to get to her.

After Xander had left, and Giles was getting a bit too frisky, Buffy had tried to tie him up for both their sakes. When she saw it wouldn’t fully stop him, she let him go; said she was unwilling to hurt him to keep him in line.

Then he remembered overhearing her fight with Riley. He hadn’t paid attention while it was going on because he was too busy memorizing every inch of her skin, but now he did. And Xander’s defense of both of them…and his approval of a relationship between them. A relationship!

For all of his powers of observation when it came to matters of slaying, the Watcher couldn’t pinpoint a specific moment in time that he’d fallen in love with his Slayer. Maybe brief flashes here and there, but those were too quick to assume anything…right? Yet here he was, standing in his hallway, listening to her cry because he wanted to be sure she really wanted him – despite hearing her confess it to Willow just moments before.

He had to make this up to her somehow.

First he needed a way to convince her he wasn’t enthralled anymore. But how?


A bit later…

Buffy came out of the bathroom, emotionally exhausted from her crying jag and found Giles asleep on the couch. She breathed a sigh of relief at the sight, but a tiny part of her was actually missing the cuddly bear – even with the hell it put her through. Man, was she sick or what?

Deciding to take advantage of her good fortune, she slipped past him, up the stairs to his loft to take a nap of her own. Maybe she’d get lucky and he’d sleep until the thrall was over.

A few hours later, she woke up to see Giles standing over her. She waited warily to see what he did or said.

Sounding like her stuffy Watcher once more, Giles started the conversation, “Buffy, I feel the need to apologize for my inappropriate behavior this last day.”

“Giles! You’re you again!” Buffy declared happily, fighting the urge to hug him. After all, wasn’t the overabundance of hugs the problem currently?

“Indeed. And I unfortunately recall everything.” He started pacing to avoid looking at her in his bed. “I don’t even know where to begin--”

Buffy interjected, “Hey, it’s not as if you could help yourself. It was like me and the beer thing,” she said with a shrug, trying to give him an easy out.

Giles kept his eyes lowered, not wanting her to see the desire still raging in his eyes. “Still, I know I made you horribly uncomfortable with my attentions.”

Taking a deep breath, she decided to throw caution to the wind. She was the Slayer, and ‘live in the moment’ was supposed to be her motto, right? ‘Carpe Diem’…she told Willow years ago. Well, now she wanted to ‘Carpe Giles’. “Maybe a little, but only ‘cause I didn’t feel like I could respond until you were you again and it wouldn’t be taking advantage of your altered state,” Buffy answered shyly, hoping he’d see what she was trying to say.

The way Giles smiled broadly made her think he did. Especially when he answered almost Ripperishly, “I’m no longer in an altered state, but feel free to take advantage of me all you’d like.”

Buffy shuddered at the desire she felt all over. “You’re sure that there’s no thrall leftovers clouding up your judgment?” she panted out, worried at the un-Gilesy way he said that.

Giles’ eyes softened as he caressed her cheek. “The only thrall I feel is your natural thrall over me, love, but that hasn’t changed since the day we met – except to grow stronger each passing year. Are you sure that you don’t want to patch things up with Riley?” he asked, giving her one last opportunity for a relationship with somebody other than him. After tonight, he wasn’t leaving her until he was dead.

For a long moment, Buffy didn’t say anything. It wasn’t that she was considering leaving; it was that she honestly had forgotten who Riley was at that point. All she could think of was that Giles was touching her! The desire in her eyes kept Giles from worrying that it took so long for her to answer, “Not even if you weren’t interested.”

“I’d have to be a bloody eunuch not to be interested in you,” Giles declared, lowering himself to the bed. “Even then, it wouldn’t be a sure thing.”

Buffy shook her head, reaching to pull Giles in for a kiss. “No talking of eunuchs right now. I want to know about stevedores.”

“Anything for my goddess,” Giles vowed.

As they kissed, Giles felt the magick he had long repressed bubbling up through him, and without realizing it, they were transported to his fantasy of where he wanted to make love to his Slayer for the first time.


Buffy opened her eyes and saw the library…before it was blown up. It wasn’t the only thing that had changed, either. She was in a gauzy, white teddy and Giles stood before her in red silk boxers. “What’s going on?” the Slayer asked breathlessly – partly from the scene, but also from the kiss.

Understanding that his innermost desires were responsible for this, Giles admitted freely, “I thought about where I really wanted our first time to be, and my magick brought us here.”

“Are we safe?” she asked, always a little unnerved when it came to magick – especially magick that whisked them away somewhere.

Giles’ smile reassured her just as much as his words did. “This is good magick; it won’t harm us. This is merely the setting for my greatest fantasy.”

That tingly feeling was back full force, so Buffy stepped back and ordered him, “Then fantasize away, Watcher-mine.”

With those words, a bed of rose petals of all colors appeared at Buffy’s feet. And by ‘bed’, it wasn’t simply a light scattering of them, it was several inches’ worth to cradle her body as he made love to her. The magick kept them from spreading apart. Right now, the only spreading apart to be done was the sweet lips protecting Buffy’s nectar.

Something Giles eagerly feasted on. “Dear lord, you’re like a sweet wine! So intoxicating!” he proclaimed in between drinks.

If she had been capable of counting, Buffy would have realized that she’d already climaxed more times with Giles than she ever did with Riley – and that included the possessed time in the frat house! And this was just the foreplay!

Finally, Buffy needed a breather, so she pulled on Giles’ arm to stop him. His look when he gazed up at her wasn’t smug with the knowledge that he’d pleased her so many times – although it would have been deserved if it had been. No, he gazed at her with love and worship in his eyes. That look humbled her like nothing else could have.

“My turn, lover,” she claimed, shifting so he could take her place on the petals. As he laid back, the bed changed to silk sheets, which was her fantasy. ‘Hmm, interactive fantasy room! Could be useful,’ she thought wantonly.

Taking her time to massage and kiss every inch of his body, Buffy had Giles in a paradox of boneless mush and rigid anticipation when she reached her prize…the last 8 or so inches she had yet to touch. Technically it was more than that, but the equation for finding area and other math things weren’t really on her mind. Except for maybe how much suction it would take to find out the volume of those 8+ inches.

Already on the brink from her build-up, Giles cried out, “Buffy, if you do what I think you’re planning on doing, I’ll cum!”

“Goody!” Buffy cheered. “Then I’ll get to see what you taste like.” Even though she learned to do this with her ex, she hadn’t really enjoyed it before. The power she had over her normally calm Watcher was an aphrodisiac to her though. Every lick, every suck, every pump of her hand caused him to writhe below her.

A few minutes later, she got her answer: an unusual mixture of smoky flavor like scotch, blended with the sweetness of a jelly donut. It was a combo she could get used to very easily.

They caressed each other for a few minutes, exchanging vows of love, until Giles got his second wind. When she felt him hardening, Buffy reached for him, but he brushed her hand away.

“Not this time, love. This time I want a different set of muscles grabbing me, urging me to release,” he rumbled in her ear.

His growly voice caused Buffy to whimper in desire, “Uh-huh.”

From the instant they connected, it felt like they were floating. The rest of the world ceased to exist for them. In…out…in…out…over and over…more times than they could count. When they went over the edge together, fireworks burst above them in the room.

Buffy caught her breath and commented, “Assuming it isn’t too hard to do this, I kinda like having a room of requirements for our sex times.”

The term confused her Watcher, who asked, “Room of requirements?”

“Harry Potter thing. Room gives you whatever you want to use inside the room. Like…if I were to say that I wanted chocolate body paint to draw on you with…” Buffy trailed off expectantly, and some paint appeared in her hand, so she sat up and grinned down at him with mischief in her eyes.

A/N: That was as smutty as I could write without bursting a blood vessel in my brain.
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